With the approach of the PSD2 effective date, one of the banks’ major concerns is opening up their systems to external parties. There is no doubt that the issues related to customer data protection and ownership are at the top of the agenda. Furthermore, recently published draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on strong customer authentication and secure communication will be crucial in terms of complying with the PSD2 requirements.

In order to support customers and prospects in the transition period, a series of free webinars addressing the changes imposed by the regulations – PSD2 and eIDAS has been organized by Asseco SEE. In the first one, the emphasis was placed on PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication Requirements and the solutions Asseco SEE has to offer in this area. A special segment was dedicated to the demo and smooth customer authentication process for improved customer experience and high security expectations.

For a detailed agenda, please visit https://digitalbanking.asseco.com/webinar-psd2-strong-customer-authentication-requirements-solutions/


Some of the questions that raised most interest during the Q&A session were related to migration to the PSD2 compliant system, channel segregation and APIs. We’re providing you with answers in brief, but you can contact us for a more detailed explanation.

1. How do you see migration from current customer authentication methods to PSD2 compliant?

Our solution supports existing hardware tokens while gradually migrating to PSD2 compliant. This process is seamless to end users.

2. Is the integrated soft token in mobile app compliant with PSD2?

Yes, channel segregation is not mandatory any more under PSD2 provided that certain conditions are met.

3. Do you supply the authentication part of PSD compliance or do you also cover API exposure framework?

Asseco SEE supplies a PSD2 ready digital banking platform, Digital Edge, consisting of Digital Edge HUB API’s and omnichannel touchpoints (Digital Edge Web, Digital Edge Mobile). More on the API approach and PSD2 ready scenarios will be covered on our next webinar.

Keep visiting our blog for the announcement of our next webinar and new posts. In the meantime, have a look at the recent webinar recording!

PSD2 strong customer authentication webinar recording


Check out some of the PSD2 highlights below: