Digital Origination –

a strategic solution for banks that want to improve and digitalize their sales and underwriting processes.

Digitally sell complex banking products with an ease of a web shop and forget about long sales cycles or ineffective banking procedures

Holistic Approach
and Visionary Product Design

Digital Origination is crafted to encompass the full spectrum of origination scenarios. Even within narrow project scopes, our clients enjoy extensive options for future expansion, optimizing their initial investment.


Options extend across products, diverse segments, channels and processes.

Microservice Architecture

From the beginning, Digital Origination has been designed strictly adhering to the principles of microservice and cloud-native architecture.


The Digital Platform, on which the product was built, offers a versatile array of technical components—microservices, UI components, and middleware features—applicable across diverse business domains. Additionally, Digital Origination introduces domain-specific microservices and UI components, which have been built on the same principles, relying on platform features.


These autonomous application components boast unparalleled flexibility, allowing for individual cherry-picking and seamless integration with both banks and third-party services. Deployed as container images on Kubernetes infrastructure, meticulously managed with Helm, and aligned with the infrastructure-as-code principle, our solution ensures efficiency and scalability.


Furthermore, Digital Origination provides support for both on-premise (private cloud) and public cloud installations, offering clients the choice of an environment that aligns with their specific requirements.

Channel Synergy
for Convenient Customer Journey

Digital Origination is an omni-channel product by design. From the beginning of development, our vision was to create a product that works equally well on all self-service and assisted channels.


All investment in the back-end, including process definitions is highly reusable at all channels, and two-channel applications – one for self-service and the other for assisted channels reuse the same platform to deliver a slightly different user experience, following specific needs.


On top of this, channels can be combined following customer choices during the process to achieve optimal and most convenient customer journeys.


Moreover, our platform allows channels to be seamlessly combined based on customer preferences, facilitating the creation of an optimal and convenient customer journey. In contrast to traditional loan origination products that often focus solely on internal underwriting processes and assisted channels (like branches and merchant shops), Digital Origination eliminates the need for additional point solutions for self-service touchpoints.


The traditional setup often results in complex change management processes, requiring coordination with multiple vendors, each with different system limitations. This can lead to duplicated efforts and increased costs for the same business benefit. With Digital Origination, you make a one-time investment that unlocks features across all channels, ensuring a unified and cost-effective solution.


Unlocking Product Synergy
and Streamlined Offerings

Ditch the limitations of using disparate solutions for diverse products.


Digital Origination empowers you to craft bundles, seamlessly leveraging previous investments in standalone products of varying types while implementing bundle-specific pricing. Customers can now effortlessly purchase an array of bundled products in a single journey, signing all documents cohesively and eliminating redundant steps.


Imagine a new customer applying for a loan; concurrently, they become a valued account holder, securing a comprehensive package featuring e-banking, m-banking, telephone banking, and a debit card. This entire suite of products is effortlessly acquired through a single application, creating a unified journey. Notably, if the loan isn’t approved, the associated products remain unopened. However, upon approval, all contracts are signed simultaneously, culminating in the activation of all bundled products.

Seamless Online Onboarding
– a part of the Sales Process

Imagine a potential customer expressing interest in your products on your site.


What’s your preference? To let them proceed with the application, deferring onboarding, or to interrupt and divert them to a separate onboarding process?


With Digital Origination, the choice is clear. Initiate the application process while seamlessly integrating various levels of online identification and KYC procedures progressively. Our approach is non-intrusive, asking customers only for essential information when needed.


Throughout this journey, specialized tools like ID document capture, face comparison, OCR, document authenticity verification, and video chat may be required. To do this, we seamlessly integrate solutions of your choice, ensuring a smooth and secure onboarding experience tailored to your customer’s needs.

Developer-friendly integration
framework as a prerequisite
for successful automation

Let’s face it – nobody enjoys filling out forms, and customers share this sentiment.


Fortunately, in the present day, the essential data required for decision-making often resides in trusted sources. In any origination project, the expectation is to seamlessly integrate with multiple systems, efficiently transforming this data for use in the decision engine.


Moreover, automating the push of contracted deals directly to the core system proves invaluable, saving considerable effort by eliminating duplicate data entry tasks for back-office staff.

To support this, Digital Platform comes with a serverless framework that enables rapid development of integration points and other custom logic without needing to deploy any new software component.

Flexible process
and decision engines

The time of rigid origination solutions with hardcoded processes and rules has passed a long time ago. Modern origination solutions are expected to utilize a flexible process and decision engines, with graphical process modeling and agility in change management, possibly relying on standards such as BPMN 2.0 for process definition, and DMN 1.1 for business rules.


With Digital Origination within a single day, just by changing configuration comprised of BPMN 2.0 process definitions, DMN 1.1 rule definitions, and proprietary credit policy rules, a person with moderate technical skills can insert a new user task in the process to acquire new data, save the data as user-defined fields in the application, and use new fields as inputs to newly created rules. The same works for the inclusion of a new integration point instead of a user task.


Welcome to a realm where change is swift and the business dictates time to market.

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