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ASEE Digital Banking enables you to develop digital and self-service processes to provide services to clients anywhere any time.  Make it easy for customers to engage and onboard with your bank.

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How do banks really gain profit from ASEE Digital Banking solutions?

Solutions that actually improve banking customer journeys and make them fall in love with your bank. Bringing real value to the banks and their customers is what makes ASEE Digital Banking solutions a revenue generator.

Being able to provide fast and on-time customer services is what makes a company stand out in a crowded market. ASEE Digital Banking provides a solution for the banks where you as a bank can onboard a customer in a fully digital manner.

ASEE Digital Banking platform enables you to support your clients through digital channels 24/7.  We help you manage everything from account opening, setting up an exchange rate for your customer, or exchanging documents with them in a fully digital way.

Getting a new client is important, but keeping existing ones happy is what separates great banks from others. That is why we focus on helping you automatize processes and reduce administration so your customers can experience that “wow” effect.

We use machine learning and AI algorithms to help you understand your customer’s needs better even before they are obvious so we could craft personalized campaigns and offers that people will truly love to buy.

Key benefits ASEE Digital Banking platform delivers to banks

An easy-to-navigate banking solution that your users will love

We ensure that user experience is always top-notch so your investment in digital banking platforms brings the best possible ROI to your bank. That is why our user-friendly bank interface makes it easy to understand and start utilizing the solution in just a few days so you can see your user numbers grow exponentially.

Integrate in days, not months

Our documented API center ensures our solution connects with your core systems easily while avoiding any disturbance to your IT department through elaborate or time -consuming integration steps. The huge benefit of such a capability is that you will easily orchestrate many solutions on a single platform.

Start with a few, and scale to thousands of users easily with microservice architecture

ASEE Digital Banking microservice architecture orchestrates the whole platform in such a way that you can easily start using a portion of the platform and test it among a few users and then scale it to hundreds and even thousands of users without investing in the additional infrastructure.

Get customers faster than ever and squeeze sales funnels to the max

Different solutions running on our ASEE Digital Banking platform focus on the same goal: optimization of the digital customer onboarding process. Our end-to-end banking solutions help you acquire and onboard new customers in less than 9 minutes while keeping the customer journey as simple as possible for an end-user. This is what ensures the “wow” effect and makes you the preferred bank that customers will gladly recommend.

Make the first impression unforgettable

Putting a potential customer on hold or asking him/her to take unnecessary steps like filling out, signing, and sending different forms and papers deters most potential banking customers. That is why you should check out our BPM solution that helps you digitalize and automate back-office banking processes easily.

Become your customers’ support superhero

Serving your customers across borders promptly means that you will be a true digital partner for your customers no matter where they are and when they need you. That is why DB solutions are up and running 24/7, regardless of where they are.

Let your customers start communication through one and finish through another channel

Allow your customers to engage with your bank without asking them to move to “your channel” but enable them to engage with you over the channel they prefer and even switch as they go, without any interruption to their communication with you.

Intelligently segment your customer and offer solutions proactively

With the embedded power of AI that helps you intelligently cluster customers according to their needs so you can fully understand their behavior, your bank will be able to provide solutions to their existing and future needs in a fully automated way, creating an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell even when your sales rep are not at work.

How to start your digital banking journey?

Business blueprint
Architecture the journey
Develop an UI that suits your customers
Start testing in real time

Who are we?

The reasons why banks trust us.
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But what about the things you can not fully measure?

Like customer happiness and loyalty.

Dozens of leading banks trust ASEE Digital Banking to deliver intuitive solutions that users worldwide will love. We asked some of them to express how they like using ASEE Digital Banking solutions:

Nova banka a.d. Banja Luka
SBERBANK a.d. Banja Luka
BH Sparkasse
Podravska banka d.d.
Credit Agricole Bank Romania S.A.
ALTA banka a.d. Beograd
Banka poštanska štedionica a.d.
HALKBANK a.d. Beograd
Mobi Banka AD Beograd
Naša AIK Banka
NLB banka a.d. Beograd